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*Registration is required each year.

Early Registration (by July 1st) $175.00
Registration (after July 1st) $225.00.

If you register before July 2nd, there is a $50.00 discount per child in each family.

Books are purchased each year.

Students will work out of these books throughout the school year.

Book fees range from $135 to $350 per child.

Pre-K through 4th Grade: $3,500.00/year or 10 payments of $350.00/month

5th through 12th Grade: $3,850.00/year or 10 payments of $385.00/month

Each Sport: $75.00

Fundraisers: $200.00 minimum

Students may bring lunches and snacks from home. We do not provide lunch for any grades at this time.

2217 Bingle Rd., Houston, Texas 77055 (713) 468-3248